Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crafting space - Mariola vel molla

This time I am delighted to invite you in exotic and mysterious world of Molla crafts. 
She is the owner of two shops on Etsy.
In frist one, MOLIGAMI  you can find  
Oriental Papercut Art Works with Geisha.  
Second MOLIGAMIPAPERS is full of 
japanese fine papers.

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1.What kinds of crafts do you do?

I create portraits inspired by old, traditional Japanese motifs such as geishas, cute little Japanese girls in kimonos and so on. I`m hopelessly in love with Japanese papers called Yuzen washi or Chiyogami, shortly Chiyo.

Everything started a few years ago when my friend invited me to London and we found the wonderful “Fine Paper Store” on Russel`s Square during our walk through the city. That's where I discovered these amazing papers for the first time and it was enough to take the first step on the crafty path in my life. The Japanese define their arts and crafts as DO [way].

I think these paper creations are my DO.
I love old Japanese compositions named Ukiyoe and kimono chic - together they fill my esthetic soul. I always say that in previous life I must have been a Japanese woman, who knows….:)

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2.Where do you create your works?

I rent a little space to store paper from my own paper shop and that’s where I usually work. There is long table, a few shelves, a chair, many boxes for sorting papers and my old sewing machine which I use in a special way - for decorating papers used in scrapbooking.

3. What (if anything) in your workspace inspires you?

I have a special shelf where I have my handmade thingies and gifts from friends and sometimes when I feel breathless or have no ideas for doing something I look at these gifts to get better. The most special is little collage from my friend Eliza.

The text says: "When I was a little girl, I never even dreamed that one day I will fly” It`s so true and it always brings me strength when I need it.

4. What kind of materials, tools you use most often? How do you store them?

My main craft material is paper, so I have many piles or shelves with papers useful more or less in my work. Another important tool are my efficient scissors and good quality glue.

5. How do you organize your workspace? Do you have any organization tip/tool/tricks that can help others improve their workspace?

First of all I study examples of old Japanese artworks like woodblock prints, portraits of beauties so called Bijinga or Shin hanga. I have my favorite masters whose works I`m deeply fascinated by like Utamaro, Torii Kyonaga Shinsui Ito, Kyokata.

I watch their composition to get close to the Japanese esthetic and create the same atmosphere. I try to highlight mystery, subtlety, nonchalant elegance and simplicity, which in Japanese is named simply IKI. The most favorite master is Uemura Shoen, many of my works are inspired by her amazing masterpieces.

Next, by cut & paste method I create the shape of the body, head, hands and so on. The most difficult part of my work is creating the face, to give a special, emotional and satisfactory effect. 
I sometimes spend many hours on this.

Nothing is wasted. The littlest pieces of papers are sorted and await use.

Sometimes I organize scrap all day to relax and use these pieces for other crafts like scrapbooking, cardmaking or cartonnage.

6. What is the one favorite thing in your craft room?

My old sewing machine, when I look at her I dream that someday I will learn to sew quilts!

7. If you could change one thing in your craft room what would it be?

I need more space

Thank you so much Molla.
This was an Exciting journey :)

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  1. thank you Mada, I`m glad and proud to be here. Great job!!!

  2. WoW!!! Beautiful little Japanese girls ;o)))

  3. You are very Welcome :)
    Thank you so much for taking us in your little world of wonders :)

  4. wow, so inspiring interview! nice to know you better Molla! :)

  5. Fantastic story, worth reading :-)))
    Like your style, keep flying and smilig !

    (we have the same sewing machine ;))

  6. Molla, thank you for inviting us to your magic little world.

  7. Great work! Molla nice to see yours magic world!

  8. Great article :)Molla you're making amazing things :)

  9. Great interview! Love you stores!!!

  10. Love this interview!!! Great Job!!

  11. Great, interesting interview and fantastic pieces. These little girls are beautiful.


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