Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Material: wool

Kinga from Dodoo says: I use wool, because with wool you can do almost everything: jewelry, clothing, home accessories, furniture. My favorite technique is wet and needle felting, but I like to knit and crochet also. Wool is natural, organic and healthy. It has beautiful colors when dyed so it suits everybody. Cloths made of wool are warm and sturdy. Using wool I love to create unique one of a kind hats. I also like big and colorful felt jewelry it’s expressive but very light.

Justyna from Yarn and Art says: I has always been fascinated with what the old and forgotten hence the passion for spinning and weaving - wool is a basic material for spinners and weavers. It’s natural and versatile. Wool is a very good artistic medium. You can weave, knit, felt, crochet so many different things. I like the feel of the wool, especially some breeds of sheep produce wool very special to the touch. Fancifully dyed wool in different colors gives unpredictable effects when spinned into yarn and this is sort of puzzlethat is very attractive. Wool can be combined with various natural and artificial fibers. Wool do not like the heat, so water for the laundry mustn’t be very hot. In addition, it should not be rubbed or kneaded, because it can felt. Do not forget the moles that have delighted in wool;)

Dorota from Albado says: As far as I remember my grandmothers and my mother always knitted something. Infected me with this craft. I also knit. For knitting wool is needed in traditional yarn form. You can create wonders from these threads. However, these knitting yarn was for me something ordinary. Yes, creative material, but predictable. It’s craft of felting wool that completely overwhelmed me. You can smile at this, but my works are my my children. I take the material, shape it, mold, put the hear in that labour. I try to make them unique and make people admire them. I create the item and never know what will be the final result. As with a child, you give birth, bring up, shape and yet you do not know what will grow out of it. Let it go off to the world, and you can not control it anymore. I’m proud if a successful unique one, calls attention to itself and somewhere in the world there is part of you. And this is really amazing and gives me power!


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