Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creative Material: glass

As Ela of MayaHelena sais It's VERSATILE: It can be any imaginable shape and color. It can be a focal element of the design, an accent, or mere filler. It's DURABLE: Unless you smack it with a hammer or drag it on the pavement, it is hard enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, heat, exposure to chemicals and moisture (often much better than most semi precious and natural material). It's LOW-MAINTENANCE: Wash and go. It's AFFORDABLE: As easily accessible mineral it is an inexpensive design alternative to precious materials. It's so BEAUTIFUL: From seaglass sculpted by nature to amazing lamp work beads (which are small art pieces on their own) and sparkling sophistication of Swarovski crystal elements – glass adds artistic appeal and glamour to any design.

Ala of Kapelusznik loves working with glass. I met it everyday - Ala sais - window glass, drinking glass, lamps, furniture - and I want to look at it again and again. The best part of glass is that it’s so versatile. I use it in almost every work. I look for specific color and form. I love fasseted glass beads, they make my jewellery more delicate.

Dorota of DorotaJewellery sais: I like to use glass beads for some of my casual/every-day jewelry pieces, but I don't just use any glass beads. I use Preciosa Traditional Czech fire-polished glass beads, a top quality glass. Czech glass beads are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship. I love how the beads look in my jewelry because they are vividly colored and resists fading. They are just perfect for casual wear, but with their brilliance, Czech glass beads also look very elegant with a formal wear.

Magda of RainbowStainedGlass use mostly Spectrum, Kokomo and Bullseye stained glass, transparent as well as opalescent, depending on the effect she has in mind. I make small and big stained glass panels, mirrors as well as some 3D projects - Magda sais - I choose glass because of it's endless combinations of colors and textures. Some raw glass pieces I get look as small artworks itself. I like the way my works changes depends on the light.


  1. Matrioszka baaaardzo mi sie podoba:)

  2. Szkło jest jednak moim ukochanym materiałem
    choć może to naznaczenie miejscem pochodzenia ;)
    W końcu Szklarska Poręba .. to las wyrąbany na potrzebę hut szkła.
    Pozdrawiam wszystkich maniaków szklanych błyskotek :)


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