Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We love Etsy too!

Know what Etsy Promo Love is? No? Can't miss this!

It seems like this group suddenly busted out from nowhere! And it've been a succes from the very beginning. I asked group admins to share their thoughts about work, they do, because there are many of events and activities currently running.
First of all, today were announced the winners of huge giveaway with 28 prizes! For more contests, events and activities please visit EPL group!

Kostas: The idea of the Group came up when I pictured it like a cosy café-bar, where people could enjoy a friendly atmosphere, interact with each other and share the same interests such as crafting. Just like in an ordinary café, everyone is free to drop by, stay as long as he/she wishes and then pop out.

The concept behind the EPL idea is the promotion of our creations and the mutual support amongst the members of the Group. Each member is welcomed to post his/her own creations on the Group’s Wall and then, in turn, is kindly asked to take a little time and see the work of other artists in our Wall, leave some comments and most importantly “share” the item(s) that he/she likes the most with his personal contacts (simply by using the “share” function beneath the item he/she wants). There is absolutely no limit in how many items one can share!
As I mentioned above, everyone is free to visit the Group anytime and spent as much time as he/she wants. The main purpose is to spread the word about Etsy and at the same time promote our work. Therefore, the support we provide to each other is truly important. It takes only a few seconds for each member to “share” a creation from another person, but the positive impact of this action can really make a difference, since the number of those who will be able to see that particular item can end up being rather huge.
The purpose is to encourage more and more people to embrace the philosophy behind this Group, promote their work, discover new handmade creations, meet new people and support their fellow Etsians!

Why you chooce Facebook (and not other social network) to run this team?

Kostas: I think that Facebook as a mean of social network can offer a lot of advantages to the Group, as it gives the opportunity to people with similar interests and goals to gather in one single Team. Also, the possibility of uploading photos of our creations is of major importance, since it’s the only mean from where potential customers can actually see our work. Furthermore, we have the chance to organise a number of activities such as: events, contests, announcements or discussions about several issues that concern the Group and its members. All the above, can help us create a strong Group structure in the most organised way.

What are your responsibilities now in the team?

Kostas: My responsibilities as the creator of the Group keep increasing as the members have almost reached the 800. The vision I had in mind from the very beginning, became reality and it is important that the philosophy behind the idea of the Group stays like this in the future.
Likely, there are people by my side, who loved this idea right from the start and helped in ways that I couldn’t even imagine. Except from their valuable time, they devoted lots of love and work in order to get to where we are now. I can no longer consider myself as the creator of the Group, but one of the creators. All of us, including the members of the Group as well, believed in the idea of the Game and proved it with our enthusiasm and actions.
So, my responsibilities are big indeed, but not so much regarding the structure of the Game itself. There are capable and professional people who have devoted their soul and work for that. The amount of work each one of these individuals has offered varies as the time and the responsibilities they have for the Group may differ.
I see all these people as the soul of the Group. In order to have success in the future, it is necessary that everyone sees the “we” instead of the “I” and I think that this has been achieved to a certain extent.
To sum up, as I mentioned above my responsibilities do not evolve so much functions in the Group, rather than to keep everyone together and strong and above all to show my respect to each and everyone in this Group.

Maria: Personally my responsibilities as an administrator concern issues regarding our correspondance with Etsy administration about the Storque and also involve conducting some texts we might be needing for the announcements we make here in the Group.

About the catalogue, my task was to mix and match the items from the several sellers and create the mini collections we see as we flick through the catalogue pages.

The concept for the catalogue was to present the work of the artists in a professional way and motivate them in a way, to spread the word about Etsy and the value of handmade creations. In addition it was a way to show our gratidude for the work and time each member devotes for supporting the idea of mutual support, which is the very core of the Group.

Katerina: Me and Kristin are responsible for the Fridays Treasuries. Up to now I have organized them and they have been two contests (Friday 18th and 25th of June)! These Treasuries are for every Friday, just to create a bigger motive to people to participate and also more chances to have a front page from our group! Today in the evening or latest tomorrow morning we will announce the topic for the next Friday! So it is every Friday!

Current topics I choose according to the themes/topics that Etsy will promote in the July. Thus the topic from last week about "bath and beauty", is one of them! The theme for next Friday, July 2nd is "Ruby".

Also, there is a summer treasury contest and Stefania is in charge.

Kostas: When the members of the Group started to slowly increase, I was observing that some of them, who were participating and playing the Game fairly, were starting to have success (of course that also depends on the time each individual can devote to the “share and promo” Game). They started having sales, rise in the Google Analytics ranking, getting “shop hearts”, participating in more Treasuries and being featured on the Front Page more frequently. All these, gave me a great joy to a personal level, but I was also happy for the people in the administration Team who are working really hard.
However, I have to point out once again, that nothing could be achieved if I didn’t have people like Maria, Katerina, Stefania, Kristin, Anna, Tabitha, Alecia (also Naomi, who is no longer in our admin Team). In the future more people will be needed, who will be willing to offer some of their spare time and help for the idea of the Group. Those who believe they can do this, are always more than welcomed.

There is still a lot for you to see, our ideas keep flowing because we love Etsy and everything handmade.

Thank you very much, guys, for your time!



  1. thnks so much Rosemary for your great post about our group :) :) stay tune for more surprises

  2. thank you for this post. Very interesting! I am glad with this initiative!

  3. go go go admins, really wonderful!

  4. My thanks also! I can say we are all honored to be featured here on the polish blog!!!

  5. Rosemary-Thanks for great post;very interesting


  6. Very interesting, thank you Rosemary!

  7. It was a great honor and joy for everyone to be featured here! Thank you so very much Rosemary!!!:)

  8. Fantastic idea, I like it very much. I will shere my favourite items on Facebook. It's so simple and effective...


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