Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Knitted world by Dagny

Dagmara runs DagnyKnit shop on Etsy and she is one of most active treasury curator in our team. She usually work at night, sitting in her favorite chair. Dagmara claims she has over 30 pairs of knitting needles!
I'm happy to introduce you her work here on POLetsy blog!
Dagmara, how did you start knitting?
I started knitting as a child, my mother taught me. I knitted dresses for my dolls at first, later I started making sweaters for myself, my family and friends and I just couldn't stop! I decided to sell my handknitted designs when my closet turned to be too small for all knitted clothes.
I can work almost everywhere! For egzample, sitting on the stone by the mountain river :)
What inspires you?
It's hard to say. Usually I don't use "ready-to-knit" patterns. Sometimes I see something interesting in magazines or TV. But most of my patterns I design by myself - I make sketches, I calculate, knit and rip off samples. And only when I'm satisfied with a result, I finish my work.
My latest finds are shawls and I knit them all the time now. I simply love traditional Estonian lace stitches and my favorite floral pattern. My buyers also like them.
Thank you Dagmara!


  1. Great article! I love the fact that this blog allows us to get to know each other better.
    I was so focused reading this post that I dropped some stitches on my almost-finished shawl, heh, life...

  2. Hi Dagny :D Nice to meet you:D

  3. Thank you very much!

    Podoba się Wam mój włóczkowy bałagan?
    W tajemnicy przyznam,że to i tak jest uporządkowane do zdjęcia;normalnie to wygląda trochę inaczej

  4. Excellent article ! Thank you for sharing your passion, Dagny :)

  5. Great interview!
    And- I have to say, Dagmara's knits look familiar, I believe I "met" her at!


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