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POLetsy is celebrating Mother's Day!

I think May should be announced as a Mother's Month. All over the world, Mum's Day is celebrated in May. First Sunday of May – in Lithuania and Spain, second Sunday of May – in USA, Australia and many european countries, last Sunday of May – in France. In Poland we celebrate this Day on 26th of May since 1914.

Mums would talk about their children for hours, they say. But I think this post should be even longer! Meet Mums from POLetsy team!

Anna runs annakrycz and annawoz shops on Etsy

Please tell us something about your children.
All members of our family have names beggining with letter "A": Anna, Andrew (my husband), Andrew (my son), Adam vel Dzidek, Aleksandra vel Ola. They are 16, 15, 9 y.o.
They train different sports: Andrew - shooting, Adam - judo, Ola - figure skating and artistic gymnastics and she loves to play chess.

Do your kids are interested in your Etsy work? Do they help you?
My kids are really interested in my works and they ask me "have you sewn something new?" everyday. I often ask them for their opinion and suggestions. They always have something to say. Most of my photos on Etsy are made by Andrew, my eldest son. And Ola, my daughter, helps me by being a model for those photos.

Do you celebrate Mother's Day in your family?
Andrew: Yes, last year we gave flowers, and Ola gave her many cards, but this year it's gonna be something special and it's a secret, so I'wont say anything more.

Monika runs MaaPstudio shop on Etsy

Patrycja is three years old and her favour activity is swimming and drawing. She mainly work with large formats which are piling up on our shelves :) Her first word she learned in UK was "it is raining" in spite of our efforts to teach her "mama" and "dad". Antoni is a two years old boy who loves to be everywhere at the same time. His last discovery is a stick or piece of wood which he enjoy very much. He loves to frighten us with his scary voice resambling t-rex. I almost forgot, our last discovery is the book "We going on the Bear hunt" – our kids love it!

Patrycja and Antoś are creative children with flair for drawing and working with clay. They are corious about any of my artistic activity. Patrycja specialise in creation of various monsters witch are hanging all over our house and Antoś is developing his tearing apart and creation of abstraction shape skills.

Do you celebrate Mother's Day in your family?
Last time they woke me up early morning with bunch of roses and coffe :)

Aleksandra runs paapuu and ribandhull shops on Etsy

I run two etsy shops in Warsaw, Poland with my partner Rafał. We are very lucky because we work from home and we are able to balance work, kids and Etsy. Usually one of us is taking care of both kids and the other is working. The other than goes to pick up some materials or to the post office with the kids. I'm definitely a morning person so I dedicate my mornings to a lot of conceptualising and admin issues. This is the time when I need to concentrate and focus so I work alone in my room but usually the laughing and screaming from the other parts of our apartment breaks my concentration. In the afternoon, I sometimes work on Etsy when my children are sleeping because it is impossible when they are awake.

I'm the mother of two little boys, Joachim 2,5 years old and Tymon 6 months old. We call them Chimek and Tymek and they have already become partners in crime :) After Tymek was born, he slept a lot and one day while Chimek was playing in his room, I noticed that it was very quiet so I immediately thought that this was a great oppurtunity to get some crafting done. After a while I became a bit suspicious because Chimek is the type of boy that is always getting into trouble. I got a huge surprise when I went into the boys' bedroom. Everything was white. We refer to this event as the "baby powder incident". After that, we made sure to do all our crafting when the boys went to sleep.

Since I'm a "new" mom, I can't really speak of any traditions but if my boys are reading this then I would like to let them know that a nice sleep and a nice brunch would really make me happy :)

Joanna runs PunkyShop on Etsy

Actually, my Etsy work is entirely inspired by my boys. My toys are almost as naughty as my sons. But you also have to know that my younger son is the main investor and the chairman of the board - he invested to this business all the money from his piggy bank, 550 zlotys (about 190 USD). He’s very reasonable boy and thinks twice, no – ten times, before spending each penny. So, in fact, the brand Punky belongs to him, I’m just a common worker. As far as my older boy is concerned, he is very helpful in designing. His crazy and even spooky ideas inspire me every day. He also gives me a lot of helpful advice concerning the current teenage likings.

My older son is 14 (well, actually he will be 14 on 1 June – children’s day in Poland). His name is Jan. He loves music and sometimes goes to the concerts with us. He’s been to Kult, Strachy na Lachy and Lao Che so far. He is a keen cyclist (as we all are!) and he’s especially crazy about dirt cycling. Every day I'm wondering whether he comes back home with his teeth in his mouth or pocket.

My younger boy, Filip, is more sensitive and reasonable than his older brother. He enjoys sewing very much and he has sewn a lot of funny things on his own until now. He also likes jewellery making and baking muffins. Now, you should understand why I am so proud mother, shouldn’t you?

It is my Hubby’s role to arrange Mum’s day. Boys usually don’t remember about special days unless they find out about them at school or someone prompts them ;) But I suppose there’s a secret preparation in progress. What can it be? Well, it’s always a surprise for me – a drawing, handmade piece of jewellery made of salt dough and a lot of help in the house chores. And for sure delicious scrambled eggs with toasts and sweet coffee with a chocolate muffin for breakfast. Obviously – served to bed. My boys (except of my husband) love cooking and do it really well. They eagerly make such tasty surprises on every occasion.

Monika runs hipericumfragile shop on Etsy

My daughter's name is Zuzia and she is 12 years old. She has talent for drawing and she would like to create cartoons or be a computer games tester in the future. She has a great sense of humor, almost Monty Python style. At the moment she is grounded, so you can imagine how wicked she is now.

When I started my work on Etsy, my daughter was not interested in it at all. Until first sales. I promised her PSP console for Christmass and this way I wanted to earn money for this gift. That changed her atitude to Etsy :) Now she is helping me with making yarn and she is so interested in everything happens in my business (I promised something new this time ;) ).

Do you celebrate Mother's Day in your family?
Usually I call my beloved mother to say best wishes to her. And in my family we celebrate Mother's day only when I remind them about it. I get a lot of hugs and kisses then :)

What mums would like to get for Mother's Day? I asked to choose one specific item from Etsy, and this is what POLetsy mums dream of:


  1. What a lovely and full of passion and love article! thank You so much our POLetsy moms! You are wonderful! :)

  2. Really nice to see all of you and learn more about your lives.




  3. My favorite moments of this article:

    1. Andrew saying his not telling about mother's day surprise
    2. Patrycja saying "it's raining" ;))
    3. "baby powder incident" od Chimek and Tymek
    4. Jan comming home with his teeth in the right place (yay!) ;))
    5. Zuzia's dream to become a computer games tester!

    I had so much fun while writing this article, thank you so much. You, Moms, are AWESOME!

  4. I am glad to know Poletsy mommies :) Thanks Rose!

  5. What a pity I'm not here with my little ones!
    Fantastic post :)

  6. It's really great to see you !! Talking with us via net is amazing but I know who I talk with, now lol lol


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