Thursday, May 6, 2010

Journey to Poznań

In dreams always my family home appears – in the town where I was born and grew up.

Perhaps it shows that I don’t see Poznań as completely “my” place yet. My kids were born here, here I graduated and worked and just here I’m taking my first steps in crafting.

Larger cities have their own energy, frequently stimulate big human [rat] races, but also induce to be creative in your own way. They favor as well as encourage brave people.

I enjoy being a tourist in my city: finding new nooks, looking above the sight line of a typical passer-by, taming favorite places, creating the history. I like flash mobs – anonymity in a seemingly organized mob. I see my membership in the local community as a privilege, but also as an occasion to express myself. Poznań makes it possible. In a shopping center I’m more often an observer than a customer; in zoo I’m strolling instead of rushing the kids through the zoo in an obligatory annual visit for peace’ sake; in cafes I sit down with a book or a piece of paper; even children’s playground is a space full of inspiration – to draw a pig on the sand is enough to engage all little hands in the same.

My places?

Politechnika Poznańska – most of all fondness and memories

SPOT – a mosaic-place – creative, inspiring point

ZOO – kind of wild, disordered, easy to hide in; firmly focuses your thoughts around “what should be changed here”, but charms as it is

Stary Rynek – a pavement to break your heels, by-streets, craning to see the goats, chasing pigeons, occasional craft stalls

Śródka and OstrówTumski – a bit like a forgotten world

Stary Browar – not boutiques, but architectural details – new ones discovered constantly with delight and surprise, an impressive incubator of creative ideas

Polankaour first months together [it’s already been 9 years], with a barking dog awakening us from a near-by garden on lazy Sunday morning; we managed to come back here after 6 years.

It is and it will be my city. I'm taking it in here and now. Will you?



  1. I've been in Poznań once, but only for one day. We visited Stary rynek :) Thanks for taking me there!

  2. I have been in Poznan a few times. Always without the possibility to see what gives this city atmosphere. Thank you.

  3. I haven't been to Poznan yet, but having read your article I decided I have to go there as soon as possible. It seems really nice scrap of the world.

  4. My beutiful beloved city... great photostory!


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