Monday, February 11, 2013

POLetsy in color: Greyed Jade

The Year of the Snake has begun plus the Jade color is on top right now, so I decided to bring you both at a time. Are you familiar with Chinese poetry? And what about the poem with Jade in it?

青玉案·元夕                                      The Lantern Festival Night - to the tune of Green Jade Table 
(南宋 辛弃疾 1140-1207)                    (the Southern Song dynasty Xin Qiji 1140-1207) 
东风夜放花千树,                                  One night's east wind adorns a thousand trees with flowers 
更吹落,星如雨。                                    And blows down stars in showers.
宝马雕车香满路,                                   Fine steeds and carved cabs spread fragrance en route; 
凤箫声动,                                             Music vibrates from the flute; 
玉壶光转,                                             The moon sheds its full light
一夜鱼龙舞。                                          While fish and dragon lanterns dance all night.

蛾儿雪柳黄金缕,                                   In gold-thread dress, with moth or willow ornaments,
笑语盈盈暗香去。                                   Giggling, she melts into the throng with trails of scents
众里寻她千百度,                                   But in the crowd once and again
蓦然回首,                                             I look for her in vain.
那人却在,                                             When all at once I turn my head, 

I find her there where lantern light is dimly shed. 


Here are 16 wonderful hand made things from 16 amazing Polish Artists. All in the shade of Jade.

'POLetsy in Greyed Jade' by poletsy

Turquoise Multi Strand Necklace Fiber Jewelry Chunky Azure Natural Turquoise Teal Blue Green Mint Eco Style Jewelry Beach Summer Fashion - DreamsFactory Druzy ring, crystal ring, agate geode, The unique large ring agate stone ring adjustable ring - vertverre SALE Hummingbird Earrings jade green dangle Romantic  Round decoupage earrings Bird motif diameter 4cm (1,57 inch) ,  gift for her under 25 - MADEbyMADA Hand painted  17'' pillow cover ( cherry blossom, roses, Sticks) - creativedesignsstore
Dangle earrings with irregular turquoise stones, Beach earrings. - CzarnyKotDesign Stained Glass Multicolor Angel - Anazie handmade not a print original modern patterns home decor artwork mosaic squares heart collage valentine's day - StudioSuzanna Turquoise necklace: silver necklace blue tribal jewelry primitive, gemstone necklace bohemian native american - NatureLook
Set of two unique ceramic buttons - EMuuGallery Emerald wedding earrings with soutache and sterling silver earwires - MANUfakturamaanuela Mint green lacy triangle exclusive ellegant shawl extra fine merino wool wedding bridal - MyLaceSpace Blue faceted amazonite bracelet, sterling silver bracelet - silvergallerycomau
Serene Landscape Bare Trees scene, Reflection, Hand stamped card - Wcards Felt ball ring - turquoise - IskraCreations Hand Embroidered Soutache Watch with Turquises and Mother of Pearl Beads - Herinia Labradorite Pendant  Sterling Silver Bubbles Necklace Valentines Gift  Handcrafted Silversmith Metalsmithed Gemstone - ManariDesign

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